Interview with Bob Wild on his book “Realm of the Sacred”

Here are the links for the interview that was aired today, Friday February 13, 2014 – always a lucky day, Friday the 13th.  I hope you enjoy the interview.  It’s in two parts, so you have to watch – no, make that listen to – part A and then part B.  All comments welcome.

Part A

Part B



  1. Ricki Lane says:

    I followed your interview with considerable interest and would like to read the book. Wild’s beautiful prayer that took him many years to develop provides a good source for spiritual meditation. I believe with him that God does not see people as sinners but rather with compassion and love. What struck me is Wild’s seeking. dynamic relationship with God, his awareness that in the same way people seek the Divine, God also seeks relationship with people, wanting to be in deep communication with them, which contradicts seeing them as sinful or evil. God needs to have relationship with people. I am reminded of the story of the Lady of the Lake, in Arthurian myth – I believe named Niamh or Numh or something,- who was the guardian of the excalibur, who in one account of the end of her existence sinks into the lake forever, and as she does so, declares that she can no longer exist because people have stopped believing in magic.
    The reciprocal relationship between Divinity and humans does not seem to have been widely embraced by churches. One example of this reciprocity in the Bible that has spoken to me is David’s and God’s relationship. God loves David dearly and David is very constant in his heartfelt worship of his God. They are well pleased with one another. A big purpose of Jesus’ “Divine Break into History” was to strengthen God’s relationship with people. As Wild suggests, churches are very practical and not sufficiently spiritual, therefore missing out on a big area of development of a deep sense of God. Wild’s search for answers offers many challenging questions for people to explore and to expand their relationship with Divinity.

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