Goals of the White Brotherhood

The Great White Brotherhood, in Theosophical terms, is said to be a group of supernatural beings of great power who spread their spiritual teachings through repeated incarnations on the earth plane.  There is ongoing communication between those who are alive on the earth, and those who are in spirit.  Here are their goals as told to me:

1. To perceive as clearly as possible the movement of spirit in the world.

2. To further the ends of a great chorus of spirits determined to increase the amount of love in the world.

3. To accept whatever hardships must come – because they come to all – and transmute them into creative energy.

4. To encourage acolytes who feel drawn to the spiritual path.

5. To make known the secrets of the ages to whomever is capable of understanding them.

6. To be a source of strength and inspiration for whoever calls on them.

7. To remain devoted firstly and always to God’s loving rule, and to place nothing at all before that.


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