About Linda

I am a Canadian writer who has lived in Toronto and on the west coast of British Columbia; however, I am now back in Calgary.  I spent thirty years exploring most of the world’s great religions in depth and traveled to many countries. My working career was at a large university as a systems manager.  I also spent five years learning biblical Hebrew and helping to edit a full translation with commentary of the Zohar, the seminal text of Kabbalah.  More recently I was deeply involved in hospice work in Ontario, primarily as a Therapeutic Touch© practitioner.

I published many technical articles over the years, along with half a dozen stories and several poems. I won a cross-Canada literary contest for a short story, and a bronze medal for a poem published in a compilation. Now I am self-publishing some of the work I have  written over a lifetime. “Thirteen Clues for the Beginning Mind” was my first book, and current work revolves around areas of spirituality and poetry.

Having moved into the realm of self-publishing I am now hoping to share what I learned through trial and error via a Self-publishing workshop.