10 lessons from history

These are from Joan of Arc’s point of view:

1) To the aggressor go the spoils.
2) Diplomacy is a tissue of lies woven to protect the spider of deceit that
lurks within.
3) All good people will be sacrificed by the aggressors, but only if they
agree to be sacrificed.
4) Monarchies exist to be deposed, and will all be deposed sooner or
5) People get the governments they deserve and want.
6) It is extremely easy to manipulate a populace into ANY position.
7) Manufactured goods contribute equally to wealth and poverty, and
they create a new perception of poverty for those who cannot afford them.

8) Manufactured ideas are the mainstay of the charlatan and the
manipulator. Manufactured ideas are those which create in the minds of
the people a perception of victimhood, and which bind them to an
aggressive stance which they perceive as justice.
9) The fruits of war are the same as the causes of war: injustice,
aggression, poverty, calumny, overburdening with taxation, territoriality
and despair.
10) To lead the armies of God you must forever abandon the armies of
man, for they cannot be reconciled, however pure the intention.

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