The Testament: Retelling Christ

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“The Testament” is the story of Christ’s mission on earth, told in his own words. This book is for those who are searching for the inner meaning of Christianity, and who are looking for the source of that overwhelming love which was offered by Jesus but so often misunderstood. It deals with difficult issues and topics without flinching, but with the divine wisdom, understanding and mercy that brings everything to Light. In this book you will find no dogmatic positions, but rather a thoughtful introspective retelling of the great events and the divine unfolding of Christ’s life and purpose.

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Thirteen Clues for the Beginning Mind

"Thirteen Clues for the Beginning Mind"

“Thirteen Clues for the Beginning Mind”

The inspirational tales in this book come from a rich tradition of story-telling that has its roots in the ancient beginnings of spirituality. Because they explore a variety of cultures, westerners and easterners may respond to different stories.

The majority are east Indian and therefore culturally Hindu, but there are also some Muslim stories, some that are purely fables, some that are completely areligious, and some that are Christian.

These stories were profoundly inspired by the spirit and teachings of Sathya Sai Baba. Although he is/was a religious figure, there is no particular religious agenda being propounded here. The stories simply elucidate the deep truth that underlies all the great religions and spiritual movements.

A final word: these tales can be fruitfully used as a basis for meditation. Each of them reveals deeper meanings when subjected to careful thought and a kind of loving analysis. They are sent with love to all who read them. Indeed, they are meant to increase the amount of love in the world.

Read a sample story: The Sadness of the World


The Demographics of Paradise: Egypt in Poetry

Demographics of Paradise

Demographics of Paradise

“Without us the temple cannot rise.
Trembling with our voices and illuminations,
we are imagination, power and prayer in prophecy.
We understand the gravity of forms
inherent in human thought.
We understand the applications of delight.
We are standing in a stream of blinding love
in which our false illusions wash away.

In the fullness of time
the gods will awaken from their sleep
to discover that they missed the moment
when they were superseded by love.

I hear them say,
We also serve time’s broken wheel.”

This book also contains 22 color photographs
that I took in Egypt in 2008.


Dialects of Light: Atlantis in Poetry

Dialects of Light

Dialects of Light

These poems are an imaginative retelling of the
creation of the earth and the creatures on it,
the establishment and growth of the tremendous
civilization of Atlantis, and then the slow and
tragic devolution of that world to its eventual
catastrophic end.

They are both a blueprint for the greatest society
that ever existed and a cautionary tale for ourselves.


I took the photograph in Hawaii, Atlantis being unavailable for photographing…

If I Were Rumi: Poems from the Heartland

This is my first published book of metaphysical poetry.

"If I Were Rumi"

“If I Were Rumi”

“Only the very best of poets speak with an effortlessly original voice; a voice that is only their own and that cannot be mistaken for anyone else.
With the publication of If I Were Rumi, Linda Pearce joins that select company, illuminating regions of consciousness that Rumi himself explored – but regions that most contemporary poets, even good ones, do not even know are on the map.
Open this book anywhere at random and delight in her use of cascading metaphors; her unerring, surprising shifts of language that defy analysis yet make themselves understood through a kind of emotional peripheral vision.
Rumi himself would surely approve.”
John Anthony West, author of Serpent in the Sky.

The Testament: Retelling Christ

The Testament: Retelling Christ

The Testament: Retelling Christ

“I sat with Moses on a ledge,
looking out over the Promised Land,
a foot away from the plunge into the gorge.
We discussed the coming war,
we discussed the locusts that we saw so far below
sweeping over the plain like the cohorts of drought,
we discussed the tablets lying on the mat beside us.

He said, and I remember this well,
“What use is it to me to speak with You,
when there is no soul on this earth
who would believe me,
even if I pulled the nails from your hands
and showed them what you did?”

I answered him, saying
“Would you use your wooden staff to lean on in your dreams?
No more can you use physical evidence
as proof of things of the spirit.” “