“Thirteen Clues for the Beginning Mind”

BookThe inspirational tales in this book come from a rich tradition of story-telling that has its roots in the ancient beginnings of spirituality. Because they explore a variety of cultures, westerners and easterners may respond to different stories.

"Thirteen Clues for the Beginning Mind"

“Thirteen Clues for the Beginning Mind”

The majority are east Indian and therefore culturally Hindu, but there are also some Muslim stories, some that are purely fables, some that are completely areligious, and some that are Christian.
These stories were profoundly inspired by the spirit and teachings of Sathya Sai Baba. Although he is/was a religious figure, there is no particular religious agenda being propounded here. The stories simply elucidate the deep truth that underlies all the great religions and spiritual movements.
A final word: these tales can be fruitfully used as a basis for meditation. Each of them reveals deeper meanings when subjected to careful thought and a kind of loving analysis. They are sent with love to all who read them. Indeed, they are meant to increase the amount of love in the world.

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