Article on hospice care in Alberta

Here is an article I wrote for ARTA’s magazine news&views

ARTA Hospice


Someone else’s soup

One of my darker poems

Someone Else’s Soup



Sweet Current of Delight

I’ve created an audiofile of one story in the “Thirteen Clues” book. It’s called Sweet Current of Delight. You can listen to it here. I would very much like input as to whether I should do the whole book this way and make an audiobook on CD. I think I probably need better recording equipment. Opinions??

Sweet Current of Delight


Goals of the White Brotherhood

The Great White Brotherhood, in Theosophical terms, is said to be a group of supernatural beings of great power who spread their spiritual teachings through repeated incarnations on the earth plane.  There is ongoing communication between those who are alive on the earth, and those who are in spirit.  Here are their goals as told to me:

1. To perceive as clearly as possible the movement of spirit in the world.

2. To further the ends of a great chorus of spirits determined to increase the amount of love in the world.

3. To accept whatever hardships must come – because they come to all – and transmute them into creative energy.

4. To encourage acolytes who feel drawn to the spiritual path.

5. To make known the secrets of the ages to whomever is capable of understanding them.

6. To be a source of strength and inspiration for whoever calls on them.

7. To remain devoted firstly and always to God’s loving rule, and to place nothing at all before that.


10 lessons from history

These are from Joan of Arc’s point of view:

1) To the aggressor go the spoils.
2) Diplomacy is a tissue of lies woven to protect the spider of deceit that
lurks within.
3) All good people will be sacrificed by the aggressors, but only if they
agree to be sacrificed.
4) Monarchies exist to be deposed, and will all be deposed sooner or
5) People get the governments they deserve and want.
6) It is extremely easy to manipulate a populace into ANY position.
7) Manufactured goods contribute equally to wealth and poverty, and
they create a new perception of poverty for those who cannot afford them.
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Writing fiction, Writing life

I wrote this some years ago about the process of writing – it’s my own set of guidelines.


1. Do not assume that your characters know everything; what they do not know they can discover along with the reader.
2. Nothing comes without effort; on one level or another your characters must strive: emotionally, spiritually, physically, or all three.
3. Mystery is important – withholding, unfolding, witholding, unfolding.
4. Remember the importance of the gift, chosen at the right time for the right person for the right reasons.
5. Remember the importance of ritual, from the routines of daily life to celebrations of the extraordinary to the altar in the corner.
6. Writing must have a rhythm and a response, an action and a rebound.
7. Your language must be serene in its confident understanding of the characters’ springs of motion.
8. Your writing must move the reader to some emotion; this is a given, but what is not a given is that the emotional byplay which resonates in the reader is that movement toward and away from the great emotion of life itself.
9. Your writing must engage the reader’s interest strongly; this is best achieved by leaving space where the reader may fill in his own conjectures and imaginings. The reader is always a co-creator of the novel.
10. The writer must understand his own motivations for wanting others to read his or her work.


Here is an article I wrote while I was in Israel for six weeks in 2006.  It’s called “The cats in Jerusalem are feral.” Hardly everyone will recognize its political content.